BACON meeting@MIT, Friday, November 18th 2011

Dear Carbon Enthusiasts,

The next BACON meeting will be this Friday at MIT. This month there will be only one talk since afterwards is the ONR MURI review.  As always food and drinks will be served beforehand.

Friday, November 18th 2011
BACON Meeting @ MIT

Chemical imprint lithography on graphene: Controlling the substrate influence on electron transfer reactions

Qing Hua Wang (Strano Group, MIT)


Location: MIT,3-442
Sponsored by MIT CMSE

The BACON monthly meetings bring together researchers in the Boston area to discuss their recent work and exchange ideas about carbon nanotube and graphene research in an informal setting. Each meeting consists of two talks (typically by students or postdocs) along with lunch and a coffee break.  The talks are open to everyone and involve participant speakers from MIT, Harvard and Boston University.