The MIT/MTL Center for Graphene Devices and 2D Systems (MIT-CG) brings together, MIT researchers and industrial partners to advance the science and engineering of graphene and other two-dimensional materials. These amazing new materials are revolutionizing electronics, mechanical and chemical engineering, physics and many other disciplines. The MIT-MTL Center for Graphene Devices and 2D Systems aims to coordinate most of the work going on at MIT on these new materials, and brings together MIT faculty and students, with leading companies and government agencies interested in taking these materials from a science wonder to an engineering reality.

Specifically, the Center explores advanced technologies and strategies that enable 2D materials, devices and systems to provide discriminating or break-through capabilities for a variety of system applications ranging from energy generation/storage and smart fabrics and materials, to optoelectronics, RF communications and sensing. In all these applications, the MIT-CG supports the development of the science, technology, tools and analysis for the creation of a vision for the future of new systems enabled by 2D materials. Some of the multiple benefits of the Center’s membership include complimentary attendance to meetings, Industry Focus days, and web casting of seminars related to the main research directions of the Center.

The members of the Center also gain access to a resume book that connects students with potential employers, as well as to timely white papers on key issues regarding the challenges and opportunities of these new technologies. There are also numerous opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers on projects that address some of today’s challenges for these materials, devices and systems.

If you would like to learn more about the MIT/MTL Center of Graphene Devices and 2D Systems (MIT-CG), please contact the Program’s director, Prof. Tomás Palacios