The Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering Award

— jbaylon; November 26th, 2013 |

TP RAI award

The Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering has awarded the “Agustin de Betancourt” award to Prof. Tomás Palacios. This award, the most prestigious given in Spain to an engineer less than 36 years old, recognizes Prof. Palacios’ work on nanotechnologies applied to high frequency electronic devices based on GaN and graphene. The award was presented by the Academy’s President, Prof. Elias Fereres, on November 26, 2013.

Prof. Palacios poses with Prof. Elias Fereres (left), President of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Rafael del Pino (right), member of the MIT Corporation and CEO of Ferrovial.

Congratulations Tomás for yet another award in 2013!